Blue Skooma's Lore Laws - Lore & Roleplaying

Lore is a intricate and disputed aspect of not only the general TES world, but also within roleplaying. Of course, we want people to be creative and come up with amazing characters and back stories, but we also have to put some guidelines in place. Otherwise, some may claim to be the long lost son of Sheogorath and go around strangling others with their own intestines! So, while we do strongly encourage creativity, please keep the following things in mind. If you need any lore questions answered, or would like to read on anything specific, visit The Imperial Library.

tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngGeneral Lore

  • No characters that are specific Aedra or Daedra. We don't want to see Auriel, Mara, Meridia, or Hircine casually walking around town.
  • No direct children of an Aedra or Daedra.
  • No gods or ultimate, overpowered characters. Sorry, no Super Saiyan Gods that control Aetherius itself to take down their enemies.
  • No "chosen one" or "main champion of [insert Aedra/Daedra here]" type characters. If we did allow this, we'll end up with 32 champions of Boethia and 79 chosen ones. It is not to say that your character cannot be a part of a famous cult or organization, or that your character cannot be blessed and guided by, say, Azura. It is just that your character cannot be considered the main chosen one or grand master leader.
  • No characters that are of already existing NPCs or personally know existing NPCs. This includes making up characters that your own character knows, that are related to existing NPCs. They can have similar names, but they cannot be the same person. You cannot go around as Queen Ayrenn or High Kinlady Estre. It is too overpowered to go around as the Profit's vestige or Ayrenn's cousin. Additionally, you can not make up an NPC that is related to an existing NPC to know. For example, you cannot know or be friends with or married to Ayrenn's non-existing lost daughter.

tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngESO's Main Story Lore

  • No one is the "chosen one" to take down Molag Bal by themselves. Similar to the "chosen one" mentality previously discussed, if we allowed this, we could have multiple characters claiming the same thing, so it's best to just avoid this altogether.
  • Our setting takes place following the events of the Planemeld. In this case, Molag Bal is no longer terrorizing Nirn and Daedra aren't being dropped into the Imperial City by swarms, but there's still a war going on, making the Imperial City a dangerous place to try and visit for years to come.
  • Avoid personally knowing people like Lyris, the Profit, Sai, and the like. As noted above, claiming to personally know such powerful and important figures can lead to overpowered characters.

tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngAfflicted Lore

The majority of Tamriel—in this instance, the Dominion—has a Kill-On-Sight law, when it comes to the discovery of any afflicted. We aim to increase realism by pressing down a bit more pressure on the afflicted, to encourage them to keep their secret hidden. An affliction isn't meant to be hailed as a superpower, or a norm in society. It's a disease, that most people want you dead for, and we aim to increase realism to keep it as it should be: a very uncommon disease, that can enhance RP through the precautionary measures taken to not get caught in the first place. This is to act as an additional RP hook to those that want it. It is not a superpower; it is a debilitating illness, and should be treated as such. If you would still like to risk becoming afflicted, we also ask that you read up on lore first.

  • Do not romanticize an affliction, or “Twilight RP.” This does not mean that, say, your vampire only feeds on animals. This means, please do not over-romanticize the idea of these supernatural creatures as though you were the main lead actor in the new sequel to Underworld.

  • Follow TES rules when it comes to vampires and werewolves. For a quick, informal briefing, read vampires here and werewolves here. The Imperial Library is also very good if you would like to know more.

  • Be prepared to have your character attacked, if they are a known Afflicted. Cormount is teeming with the Guard, mercenaries, and many other gung-ho citizens that will very quickly attempt to attack or kill your character. (We will always ask your permission before killing off a character.)

  • Consequences for attack or assault will usually result in your character being killed, or banished from town if they escape. We will NEVER kill off a character unless it is wanted by the player. See the town laws for different offenses and their punishments.

  • At some point, your character may be silver tested to check for afflictions. Supernatural lore is strange and often vague, and silver is no exception. While it is observed in Elder Scrolls lore that silver will act negatively on both vampires and werewolves, the symptoms are very often debated among others as to just what degree they affect the Afflicted. Ultimately, this comes down to a debate of how each person will treat this lore in their own, individual manner, because the vague lore leaves much of this up to interpretation. Blue Skooma recognizes silver as a potent, pure agent that can and will cause heavy burning when applied to the skin of one who is afflicted. This is not cited in lore, and is primarily used due to the fact that Bethesda does not explain further the effects it has on the afflicted other than, “it hurts and stuns them.” This is Blue Skooma’s interpretation on the effects of silver on the afflicted.

    TL;DR - Silver burning the afflicted is not verified by lore because Bethesda was lazy. All they say is that it hurts. SO, we treat silver like holy water on vampires. It burns. Bad. Bad, bad, bad.

  • It is not possible to wholly conceal a Silver Test. When silver is applied to an Afflicted’s skin, several things happen.

    -A heavy burning sensation occurs, similar to that of an acid burn.
    -The skin will begin to visibly burn and singe against the silver.
    -As such, the scent and sound of burning skin will undoubtedly be prevalent.

    While one can use illusion to briefly conceal the appearance of a burn, and a very centralized muffle spell may be able to conceal the sound, two more issues arise. Acid burns, much similar to the silver burns, hurt. If you’ve ever been burned by acid, you’ll understand that it just isn’t something you can quite brace yourself for. You will flinch, or react in some way, unless your nerve endings are just burnt off. Additionally, there is no known smell to conceal the scent of something; this includes burning flesh.

And those are our general lore rules! It is not to stifle creativity, it is only to make sure everyone gets a fair chance with their character and to ensure no one character is accumulating unimaginable power. If you can reason it within lore, you can do it. Just please play fairly.

Contact any officers, senior officers, or myself if you have any suggestions, concerns, or questions!