Rules of Conduct 4.0 (Most Up-to-Date Version)

Submitting an application means you understand and will respect these rules. In effect 6/2/2017.

I have hidden a word in the rules. If you read through the rules you won't miss it, but it is necessary for you to input it on our application for you to be approved.

Table of Contents
tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngOOC Rules
1.0 Respect & Appropriateness - rules on respect & appropriateness in the guild
1.1 Member Inactivity - what happens if you're inactive
1.2 Members & Leadership - what to do if you need help/ have suggestions
1.3 Blue Skooma & Other Guilds - what to do when in contact with another guild
1.4 Discord Usage - rules to our Discord server
1.5 Account Name Changes - what to do when you change your account name (@name)

tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngRP Rules
2.0 General - basic rules
2.1 IC Criminal Activity - what criminal characters should expect
2.2 Sexual Content - what to do and what not to do

tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngOfficer Rules & Protocol

tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngOut of Characer

1.0 Respect & Appropriateness
  • Always be kind OOC.
  • Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, ableism, religious and political discrimination and intolerance, bullying, and all other forms of prejudice and harassment are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN OOC. Your characters can be any of these, but you as a player CANNOT.
  • Slurs or derogatory words towards any groups of people, including but not limited to race, sexuality, religion, etc., are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN both IC and OOC. This means that these words are not allowed at all, even in the form of jokes. (Though non real world insults targeted only towards made-up TES universe groups of people are allowed, ex: "Ash Skins" for Dunmer). This means that these words are not allowed at all, even in the form of jokes. We try to create and maintain an inclusive atmosphere here at BSR, and we can’t do that without help from our players.
  • If you and another member want to discuss political and religious matters, you are welcomed to do so in private chats between yourselves. Said discussion is to be kept respectful. All involved must be alright with the conversation.
  • Every member has the right to call fade to black (FTB) in any RP circumstance and their rights to do so MUST be preserved.
  • Adult content posted on the forums (including but not limited to graphic/continuous sexual jokes and erotic roleplay, ERP)should be hidden in spoiler boxes, with a NSFW warning and a link to an external website where the post is actually posted. Enjin does not allow sexual content in forums.
  • While this is an M rated game, we are an all ages guild. As such, adult content, including but not limited to graphic/continuous sexual jokes and erotic roleplay, ERP, should be done in a private channel, or closed housing zone. All participants must be of age for their country of residence, and fully and enthusiastically consenting.
  • When deemed necessary, particularly hot arguments may be brought out of public channels and into a private one for an officer to mediate calm, respectful discussion, and help offer solutions.
  • Do not spam in emote/say/yell/guild chat. This includes advertisements that are not relevant to RP, and WTB/WTS chatter. If you need something, feel free to ask, but we’re not a trading guild.
  • 3 Strike System - If any of the listed rules are broken, you will receive a strike. Any first offenses in chat appropriateness will result in a warning, second offenses the person must talk to an officer or the guild master directly, the third offence will result in a conversation on whether or not BSR is the right guild for the person. If the officers determine that BSR is not a good environment for the offender, they will be kicked from the guild. Some offences will be met with by instant removal from the guild, and a report to Zenimax Online and/or Enjin. These include, but are not limited to, ERP with non-consenting players (including ERP with a minor), OOC harassment and griefing, blatant hate speech, and purposely posting malicious links to viruses or illegal materials.
  • All chat rules also apply to the Blue Skooma website and Discord chat. The 3 strike system is still implemented here, and any offense in this chat will be documented and counted as a strike.

1.1 Member Inactivity
  • Full members will be removed if absent from the game for six months without notice. Post in the general discussion forum if you know that you will be gone. No need to list the reason(s) why.
  • All new members start as Trial Members. To keep our roster filled with active roleplayers, we ask a few things from our Trial Members in their first few weeks. First, we ask that Trial Members post a character sheet thread on the character sheet forum to be approved by one of our roster officers. Second, we ask that Trial members talk to one of officers about our bank rules to prevent abuse of the guild bank, and third, that they talk to an officer about any factions they are interested in. These conversations can take place in game, or on Discord. We do kick trial trial members after two weeks if they have not done these things, so please get those done as soon as you can!
  • Faction leaders must be active in the guild, but especially in RP. They must look at the newsletter and reach out to new members if they are interested, as well as recruit for their factions ICly. They are in charge of running regular events to keep their faction members engaged.

    1.2 Members & Leadership
    • If you have an issue with a certain person of the leadership, contact any of the officers, senior officers, or guild master. Whoever you feel most comfortable talking to.
    • If you have a suggestion for anything, including guild story, events, or the way something is done, contact any of the officers, senior officers, or guild master.
    • Anything important that comes up will be posted in a thread on these forums, spammed in guild chat, announced on Discord, our insite shoutbox, and possibly sent on the ingame mails system.
    • Please contact an officer with questions if you wish to apply for leadership. The officer application can be found in the drop down menu of the "Guild Application" button on the site menu.
    • Faction leaders must be an active member of the guild. Faction leaders CANNOT make auxiliary guilds for their factions due to possible issues with overstepping recruitment boundaries and interest conflicts.

    1.3 Blue Skooma & Other Guilds
    • You MUST be polite and respectful to guests and other guilds.
    • Do NOT specifically bad mouth another guild in chat or Discord. Violation of this counts as a strike.
    • If you want your guild to be considered a partner/friend/sister/rival guild, contact the Guild Master (@Vulano).
    • To advertise for other guilds' events, contact the Guild Master (@Vulano).

    1.4 Discord Usage
    • Use private chats for any and all conversations that could be considered Mature, Vulgar, or Offensive by any means.
    • All rules listed and relevant apply in Discord and the Discord Voice Channels.
    • There is a two week guest policy in the discord server. All guests are invited to join our guild to remain on the server for longer than two weeks.
    • Several discord channels are considered IC, so different rules apply to different channels. Check the #Rules channel or this thread for an up to date listing of the discord channel rules. Channels and their rules include:

      This channel an IC notice board. Only IC info that you would find on a notice board should be posted here. Images of fliers, written descriptions of pinned messages, and graffiti are all acceptable here, but dialogue, and OOC chatter is not and will be deleted.

      This is an OOC general chat! Much like guild chat or our BSR site chat. General BSR rules apply here.

      This is an IC RP chat. It is set in the Green Leaf Tavern in Cormount, Grahtwood. Please treat this channel as you would in-game RP. It is up to you to determine how the events here fit into your in-game character’s timeline. All that happens in here is considered canon, and therefore all IC laws apply here as well. Any IC lawbreakers with witnesses to their crimes will be reported, and are subject to IC punishment.

      This channel is OOC and is reserved specifically for factions and plot feedback, and discussion. Faction leaders are encouraged to ask questions, make announcements, and ask for feedback after events, and players are encouraged to respond in this channel. Off topic conversation will be deleted. If you’d like to speak about something brought up in this channel, but fear it will be out of place or disruptive to the conversation, please bring it to #the_skooma_den.

      This chat is the chat where our officer meetings will take place. Members are welcome to join. Meetings take place every Tuesday at 9pm EST.

      This channel is for all non-emoji and non-cat related bot commands. It is to prevent bot interaction spam in the general chat.

    1.5 Account Name Changes
    • We ask that players that change their account names (@names) contact an officer (preferably a roster one if available) to notify us of the change as soon as possible. Players get a week to do this before the guild administration takes action. We like knowing who's who, and this prevents people with strikes from attempting to wiggle free of them. Previous account names should be listed in their guild roster notes. A roster officer will update this as soon as you notify them.
    • The players are responsible for changing their account names on all character sheets or threads with our information. This will help us stay organized and know what characters go with what accounts.
    • Should we not be informed of an account name change and it has been over a week, or a player refuses to give it, the player is to be demoted to the dungeon rank until they can provide their account name.

    tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngRoleplaying Rules

    2.0 General IC
  • No Metagaming. This means, no taking information you've learned out of character and bringing it in character. This can be something as simple as reading a person's name and addressing them as such, when in actuality your character has never been introduced.
  • No GodModding. This means, no player killing (PK), injuries, etc. without consent of all parties involved. This also means, you cannot force something onto another character without consent of all parties involved.
  • To make actions that might change the guild's in character structure, contact a senior officer, or the guild master before doing them.
  • To make actions that might disrupt the natural ways of the town (i.e. daedra attack the town), contact a senior officer or the guild master before doing them.
  • Dark and heavy, sensitive subjects like rape, dismemberment, torture, killing and the like should be done in group chats, and not involve the entire guild. If you want to make it public, contact a senior officer first.
  • If you cannot agree on how to RP your combat, default to dice to keep things fair, or don’t RP combat. If there is any combat RP that cannot be resolved with dice or words, an officer will step into moderate. In this case, the moderating officer makes the final call on the combat RP.
  • All characters who use magic are expected to understand the lore around magic. They don’t need to know everything, but they should at least know the basics. Magic should not be a quick fix to any RP. Overpowered mage characters will be considered to be godmodding.

2.1 IC Criminal Activity
  • If you have a dark, evil character, expect guards and lawful characters to enforce town rules. By creating an unlawful character, you understand that they are subject to the punishments of our town laws depending on the crime committed (see In Character Town Laws for a list of punishments).
  • Criminal actions in the area between the North Gate of Cormount and the Southern Bridges may result in in-character punishment (see In Character Town Laws for a list of punishments).
  • Vampires & werewolves must follow TES lore and are subject to punishment if caught.(see In Character Town Laws for a list of punishments, see Lore & Roleplaying for lore).
  • You ARE able to escape jail if, and ONLY if, an officer is online to help, and it makes sense for the story. If there is no officer online, or one cannot be contacted on Discord, you will have to wait in jail. The officer may make you roll to escape using an online dice roller.
  • Please put the word "pineapples" in the "Did you read and do you agree with the Rules of Conduct?" field of the application.

    2.2 Sexual Content
    • As stated before, adult content (including but not limited to graphic/continuous sexual jokes and in this case specifically erotic roleplay, ERP) in game should done in a group chat, whispers, or in a closed housing map and not displayed to public. Take it to a private chat as soon as possible. Excessive or continuous mention of genitalia outside of a private chat is NOT allowed.
    • All parties involved must consent, and be of age to consent to ERP. All players involved MUST maintain the right to revoke consent at any point and stop the RP, or choose to fade to black. Failure to abide by this rule results in immediate dismissal from the guild.
    • Public discussion of events that occur during ERP must be limited to non-graphic descriptions. You may discuss publicly what happened up until the removal of clothing and may NOT mention genitalia. If you wish to discuss what happened during ERP with another character in detail, it must be done in private whispers or group chat, and the other character must consent to this discussion.

    tumblr_nxq4tvKKKT1tuy6fso3_r1_75sq.pngOfficer Protocol

    Officer Inactivity
    • Inactive officers on leave who have given notice will be removed, but given the option to regain their position once they are back.
    • Officers are required to have PM notifications sent to their email.
    • PM (both in game and via Enjin) all officers if they have been inactive for a week (senior officers are allowed 4 days of inactivity) notifying them that they will be removed from their officer position. Said officer has a week to respond (senior officers are allowed 4 days to respond). If given a notice of absence in response, refer back to the first protocol.
    • Officers are required to be present in the Discord chat, and attend the weekly officer meeting. If an officer cannot make a weekly meeting, we ask that they give as much notification as they can.