OOC Admin: Ty Al'Bashir
IC Leader: Thelin Ibis Aediath (@furryf0rm3r)


Britta Heldon (@kaysaari)
Arietta Taliras (@starlitmists)
Fortuado (@tigerse)
Tormund Daimere (@hcshad0wz)
Gin-Teeus (@nobleboivin)

Former Afflicted/Unofficial Members:

Gladious Malary (@hcshad0wz)
Xithic (@xithic)
Alijham (@alijham)

Thin Ice:

Fiore Amaranthos (@milksweed)

Thralls/Cattle: None at the moment.

Faction Background: The Coven is a support group where the afflicted can be open, spend a little time together, retrieve bounties, and eat people like morally sound citizens.

Theo's Rules (IC--These are posted in the main hall):

1. No conflict between members. If you have a problem with one of our own, come talk to me. Everyone deserves to feel as safe and comfortable as possible during meetings.
Except Ji'darr

2. No outing other members.

3. You love Molag Bal? Great! I don't. Worship who you want, but I don't want to hear about Molag Bal in my house. I'll get enough of him when I die, thank you.

4. If you get caught, we don't know you. This goes for any time, any place, any case.

5. If you know someone who is willing to be fed on, we can't risk them remembering. They must either be magically inclined or kept by one of the coven members.

6. If you feel like you're in danger of losing control, come stay with me. I've got you.

7. No allies, no werewolves. Vampires and former vampires are the only people getting through my gate (unless you've brought dinner). There are few close mortal allies that I will allow to attend social meetings.

Repercussions range from a slap on the wrist to death by yours truly, so don't break the rules. Thanks, honey.

[A small note has been added at the bottom of the rules page:] Ji'darr is not allowed on my property. You have permission to kill him if you see him at or within the gate.

OOC Rules:

Please don't explicitly out someone else's character without permission! However, part of playing a supernatural character is the risk of getting caught, so you must understand this while playing one. There is hardly a plausible way to pass a silver test when you're a vampire. I will never run an event with the intention of outing anyone's character, but you must keep in mind that a vampire is never truly safe from being caught when they're out doing vampire things.
You may absolutely question Theo's leadership both OOC and IC despite the fact that he left that off of the rules.
If you have concerns, questions, or suggestions, please DM me on Discord (furryf0rm3r #0666) or use the faction feedback channel in the BSR Discord.

The Coven is a casual faction based mainly around personal plots. When I do run official events, I work around the guild schedule. Events consist of bounties, hunting, and various social events. If you have any ideas, please DM me on Discord or leave a message in the faction feedback channel!

If you want to join the Coven, DM me on Discord and we can talk about your character's IC introduction! If you should be on the roster and you don't see yourself, be sure to let me know, and keep me updated if your character is cured/no longer attending.