Iron Leaf Company.

A group of mercenaries that all quit the Fighter’s Guild after certain events that involved banishment. This group is more so a family of warriors that provides a service to Tamriel by saving lives and making some gold while they do so. Whether that means ridding a town of an evil menace or protecting a small mage, they will lend their steel.

How to join
Speak to Afer (@ GnarlyArchfiend) or any of the Administrators of the company.

Due to being a much smaller gathering of people there are very few ranks and much more focused on specialized rankings.

Standard Ranks

:sword: Associate (Unofficial member) - This is the title given to those who are friend of the group or only helping them with no intention of joining the group. These people earn reduced pay for contracts, if pay is provided. They are not given much benefits from the group but are not bound to any rules or ranks.

:sword: Recruit - New official member of the Company. They are now seen as proper members and must undergo certain test by the administrators before getting promoted.

:strike: Mercenary - The title that will make up the bulk of the company. Those who are at this ranking are expected to show average or above average combat prowess. This is the company’s intermediate rank.


:magic: Healers/Clerics - Those who are more specialize in tending to the wounded than actual combat. Those with this title are advised to not to take the front lines in combat. They also get the right to slap anyone deciding to refuse healing or medical services.

:bow: Scouts - Those who are better at stealth and observations. Those with this title are often expected to only go out in front to check if the paths are clear of danger and traps along with keeping a general update about the surrounding area even when not on a contract.

:mage: Mages - Those who excel in the mystic arts than swinging a blade. Similar to Mercenary ranking but with a lot more tricks up their sleeves to aid the group in situations where magic is needed. Portals, large scale damage etc.


x_x Officer - Those who show to be leaders of the company and willing to guide it to a better future. Those with this title are expected to aid in the condition and training of the fighters along with speaking up when the company’s lead is not present. There will also be OOC responsibilities as well.

x.x Right Hand - 2nd in command.

OOC Admin:
@ GnarlyArchfiend
Afer Leotus (@ GnarlyArchfiend)

Right Hand:

:mage: Mages:

Captain Lola (@Kaysaari)

:bow: Scouts:

Cirlin Duskrock (@ Cyniade_dreams)

:magic: Healers/Clerics:

Sarasha (@ Nobleboivin)

:strike: Mercenaries:

Adsomar (@ furryf0rm3r)

Do'Varr (@ Xithic)

Glooras (@ Cyniade_dreams)

Aedriana Silseid (HcShad0wz)

:sword: Recruits:

Arivanya (@DarthNerevar)

Rumelion (@Grazzbek)

:sword: Unofficial members:

Estre (@ Milksweed)