The Cormount Council
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The Cormount Council is a group of townspeople who have been entrusted with managing the day-to-day tasks and operations within town. This council is an oligarchy chosen by the other Councilors, with no supreme leader presiding over this administration. Instead, Speakers are rotated between these council members on a monthly basis, and speak on behalf of the townspeople and preside over meetings necessitated by the Council.


Unlike most factions, The Council is highly competitive, and recruitment can only occur when there is an open Councilor position. Furthermore, these positions are chosen on both an IC and OOC basis; a potential candidate must be known and trusted in town ICly, and must be active and upstanding in the OOC community, as well. The title of Councilor requires a candidate to be online very regularly, as their judgment and presence will be vital to keeping the town running in an orderly fashion.

Hierarchy and Decision Making

The Cormount Council has no specific leadership; instead, the group is run on the basis of a joint executive governing body, with rotating "Speakers" placed in charge each month. The Speaker is incapable of making decisions on his or her own; they, like the remainder of the Council, must base decisions on a four-fifths majority vote, in which eighty percent of the Council must agree before a decision is made. In the absence of a fifth Councilor, the current Marshal will be asked to fill the role of the remaining Council only if a decision is tied, and requires a tie-breaker.

The hierarchy is as follows:

  • Councilor [rotating speaker of the month]
  • Councilor
  • Councilor
  • Councilor
  • Councilor

    - Marshal


While no Councilor is capable of making a large decision by themselves, each Councilor is expected to keep track of specific tasks and responsibilities within their portfolio; these departments can range from economics to security, and beyond. Five departments compose these portfolios, one for each Councilor, and are described below.

Public Safety and Defense Councilor - This Councilor is responsible for the defenses and civilian safety within Cormount. This Councilor oversees all factions that deal with the town's defense, to include both mercenary and guard factions.

  • Moderate the direction and abilities of the Town Guard, the Marshal, and any mercenary-based factions in town.
  • Coordinate any possible methods of deterring foreign attacks, and providing safe routes for traders.
  • In times of defense, designate all defensive factions areas in which they must uphold responsibility for, whether this be a combat or supply-related role.

Public Works and Maintenance Councilor - This Councilor is responsible for the upkeep of the town's already present resources, ranging from buildings to the structural integrity of all interiors, be it from the Mages guild hall to the mercenary guild hall.

  • Inspect, on a weekly basis, the structural integrity of all buildings in Cormount. This requires visiting all community buildings in Cormount, such as taverns, inns, and guildhalls.
  • Report any problems to the Finances Councilor, to obtain grants to provide funding in repairing damages made to the buildings.
  • Hiring spinners, and buying materials in order to repair damages made to any buildings in Cormount. (Furniture and other private items to not go to repair costs; only damages to Green Pact buildings account for this.)

Taxes and Finances Councilor - This Councilor is responsible for handling the money and funding of any projects within Cormount. They will need to keep track of the spending of taxes, and trading funds.

  • Calculate the total sum of the town's fortune, after trading sales. The remainder of this money should be distributed between the Town Guard salary, and to invest in other grants and trading deals for the town.
  • Collect and monitor taxes supplied by the tavern's drink supply.
  • Review grants and loan requests by the Public Works Councilor, or in rare cases, loan requests by other members of town (Tavern innkeeper, Guard Marshal, etc.)

Domestic Ambassador Councilor - The role of this Councilor is to promote foreign trade and diplomacy among other nearby towns and villages. The Ambassador is also in charge of listening to and consulting with other Councilors on complaints and comments made by the Cormount townspeople.

  • Promote trade and peace between nearby settlements, towns, and villages. This includes taking extra measures to ensure local settlements around Cormount are nonhostile.
  • Inquire and address complaints brought on by the people of Cormount, and discuss with other Councilors the manner in which these concerns should be addressed.
  • Report potentially hostile towns and/or settlements to the Councilor of Public Safety.

Provisioning Councilor - This Councilor is held primarily responsible for the supply and stock of all town resources, mainly consisting of food, water, and trading supplies. Additionally, this Councilor is responsible for the distribution of perishable food trading supplies.

  • Record, on a needed basis, the town's supply of food and drink.
  • Record the given and received trading supplies that the town incurs on a monthly basis.
  • When needed, distribute trading supplies as they arrive in town (Drinks, food, etc.)

The Speaker

Once a month, a different Councilor will be appointed as The Speaker within the Cormount Council. The Speaker is not a leadership position; instead, it is more comparable to a host position; the Speaker's duties involve leading meetings, and acting as the spokesperson of the townspeople in any case where a "leader" is required. Should someone enter town asking for a 'leader,' they are to be directed to the Speaker.

The Speaker will revolve at the first of every month. They will go in the following order:

  1. Public Safety and Defense Councilor
  2. Public Works and Maintenance Councilor
  3. Taxes and Finance Councilor
  4. Domestic Ambassador Councilor
  5. Provisioning Councilor
Councilor Law Violations

Violations of the law in Cormount requires immediate punishment, but Councilors who violate the law are subject to the penalties brought on by the other Councilors. In the case of a member who is found violating a law, the Council must decide whether or not the member must be expelled from their position, or if they will only be bound to the regular penalties of law mandated by the Town Guard. In the event of this, a tie may be broken by the current Marshal.


Public Safety and Defense Councilor - Afer Leotus
Public Works and Maintenance Councilor - Dar'ashi
Taxes and Finance Councilor - Aminos Makoych
Domestic Ambassador Councilor - Fedris Timberscrub
Provisioning Councilor - N/A