If the category is red, it is required.
If it is blue, it is optional.

Creating a Character Sheet
The process of creating a character sheet is to make sure that your character meets our roleplaying rules and standards that we have founded, here at BSR. We do this by making sure your character won't be considered 'Meta,' 'Overpowered,' or 'Godmodey' in our roleplaying environment.

ESO @name: (This is the name you use to login to ESO with, like @Vulano.)
Discord Tag: (This is where you can put your discord tag to make messaging you out of game easier, EX @GnarlyArchfiend#6969 If you don't have one, we STRONGLY suggest you create an account! We lose 9 out of 10 members that don't use our Discord.)
Character Name: (This is the name of your character.)
Race: (This is the race of your character. Please refrain from using long-gone or controversial races, like Dwemer, Ayleids, etc.)
Age: (Be realistic, in terms of both age and appearance.)
Sex: (Male/Female)
Affliction: (Lycanthropy, Vampirism, None.)
Marital Status: (Single, Married, Widowed, In a Relationship, Complicated, Not Looking for Anyone)
Sexual Orientation: (Straight, Gay, Bi, Asexual, etc).

Physical Description: (There are two ways to explain your character's appearance. You may either include a screenshot of your character in your character sheet, or you may write out a basic description of your character. If there is anything that cannot be seen in-game or shown through the character creator, please write out a short description of your character's unique flair.)

Personality: (You can explain your character's temperament, hobbies, character traits, and flaws here. Keep in mind that this category is completely optional, as some people prefer to have their character's personalities figured out through actual roleplay, rather than a character sheet.)

Likes: (What sort of people, places, or events does your character like?)
Dislikes: (What sort of people, places, or events your character dislike?)
Strengths: (What does your character excel at? Our guild is pretty 'average, so mastering every school of magic, bladed combat, singing, dancing, and somehow knowing the Thu'um will probably get your sheet tossed back to you to tone your character down.)
Weaknesses: (What is your character not-so-good at?)

Background: (Where is your character from? Where have they been, and what have they done in their travels? What sort of careers have they held, and what sort of friendships have they held? This can be somewhat brief if you're a character that prefers a "Show, not tell" approach to roleplay, but you should consult with an officer before you take this approach.)

Blank Template for REQUIRED Character Sheet Information:
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Have lore questions? Try checking out UESP, or The Imperial Library.

Character Creation Tips
1. Stuck in a character creation roadblock? Try roleplaying with your character before you make your character sheet! This can give you an idea of how to roleplay your character in Blue Skooma, and it's also why we offer you two weeks to complete on your character sheet.
2. New to the Elder Scrolls, and don't know much about the lore? That's fine! Just ask one of the officers for advice.
3. Try to avoid using any in-game quests or characters in your character's story. This can be an issue if everyone wants to be the Soulless Vestige, or the Hero of Summerset, so we have to bar this entirely.