Record Low Empoyment Rate


A new survey by the Officers of Blue Skooma Roleplayers (OBSR) reveals that the unemployment rate in Shattered Grove has reached an astounding 33%, with as many as 20% of survey respondents saying they didn't even know what a job is. This is the highest the unemployment rate has been since Kashya took over as GM after Afer stepped down in mid-Frostfall. BSR News Network has reached out to several members of the OBSR team. Shockingly, while the officers were aware of the issue, little of their domestic policy is planned to change.

When pressed for answers, one OBSR staff member said “i havent seen anyone talk about it rn but we had a whole job list and whatnot to help with that” calling back to a simple list posted on an obscure part of the forums on There seem to be no plans in the works to actually address this unemployment issue. Furthermore, the returning GM continues to obfuscate the real issue, blaming Morrowind and the Ebonheart Pact for the lack of jobs in Shattered Grove.

When asked about plans for the future, Kashya had this to say; “Morrowind has been stealing our jobs, though, and China-sorry, MORROWIND, is full of bad people. Very bad people. We are going to build a wall around shattered Grove to keep the dunmer out, and restore jobs in Auridon.”

This echos the xenophobic talking points that flared up during the contentions Valenxit vote several weeks prior, blaming low event turn out on hub location, and on the rise of private housing RP in the Ebonheart Pact. Though we have seen more public RP since moving, the job market hasn't seen much growth at all, with some people even losing stable jobs they once had in Valenwood.

One anonymous resident said “I used to have a job selling skoom-er. Mammoth meat. It was going great until town authorities intervened.” Suggesting that the OBSR, in conjunction with the town guard, of which the current GM has ties to, have worked together to kill off competition. The resident went on to say, “You shoot one kid, and no one wants to hire you. I applied for a job in the clinic, but was told I wasn't ‘responsible enough’”.

Though there are significant problems with job growth in Shattered Grove, most residents were thankful that Alijham isn't offering werewolf belly rubs anymore.

Sushiboatforone is the former Senior Scribe Officer of Blue Skooma Roleplayers. She stepped down in 2018 to pursue a career in investigative journalism. Referred to as 'shut up lizzy' by her fans, Sushiboatforone is a well liked and productive member of the community who never wastes time on pointless exercises.