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ESO @name: @GandyBanandy
Character Name: Filanthil
Race: Altmer
Age: 38
Sex: Male
Affliction: Werewolf
Marital Status: Not looking for anyone
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Physical Description:
Hair: Long, Beige hair
Eyes: White
Body: Thin but muscular
Distinguishing Features: Tattoos all over his body and on his face

Personality: An outgoing elf that likes helping, giving and and learning new things but is also extremely solitary when not around a lot of people and learning new things. Keeps a book to list the names of people he meets during his travels.
Alignment: Neutral

Likes: Travelling, helping, learning new things and making new acquaintances, any kind of music that helps him relax, money, being alone, cleanliness.
Dislikes: Drinking, losing, abusive people, vampires.
Strengths: Archery, hunting, scouting.
Weaknesses: Initiating conversations, close quarters combat, magic.

Background: Filanthil was originally known as Telenendor Kaethius, the unwanted second child of the Kaethius family, who were rich merchants from Summerset. As a child, he would often get abused by his parents and was never able to leave the house, his parents not wanting his identity to be revealed. Not receiving a proper education and being neglected by his parents for 7 years, Telenendor grew up to be a very disturbed child whose only education were the few skills that his brother taught him at night when his parents were sleeping. During one afternoon, while his parents were gone for business, Telenendor was let out of the room he had been in for the first time in his life by his brother, who wanted to show him a bit of the outside world. Telenendor would be fascinated by what was outside and decided that he wanted to see everything he could no matter what. That same night, while his parents and brother were sleeping, Telenendor snuck out of his room, accidentally left unlocked by his brother, with a sharp rock in his hand that he had picked up from the ground and assassinated his parents while they were sleeping. The next day, he would have vanished with a book, which would later be used a lot during his travels, and a significant amount of his parent's money, leaving some for his brother and leaving him a note telling him that he loved him and was sorry for everything but that was his only choice. It is unknown how the child managed to survive for so long, but he would come back to his people 31 years later under a new name and a new persona, that of Filanthil. The Altmer would often be seen reading or scribbling in a book that was filled with only names and physical descriptions and, when asked about the book, would show the most recent page of his travels, with names that sometimes had a line going through them. He would make something up when asked about the marked names but it is unclear what they mean.

(Background is still WIP but for now that's all I can come up with)
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