Hello everyone~
I'm @Demothsis, (Or Shiravi in the case of the character I'll be mostly using).
I just recently joined the Blue Skooma Roleplayers in game and thought I should go ahead an introduce myself.. somewhat properly. I'm bad at these things.. lol

I'm a lass that comes from the land of the Hoosiers, born and raised.
I've spent time in Germany due to my father being in the military years ago. Got to do a lot of sight seeing during my few years there. ('88 - '91). I'm Scottish (Midlothian in there too), Native America, and a little bit of Irish. I'm also incredibly shy due to a little social anxiety.. but I warm up to people fairly quick.. which then I become quite the social butterfly. Its weird.. I know. I suffer from PTSD due to abuse and do have various triggers.. but I've been getting better with staying calm and getting through it. So, I apologize ahead of time if I have moments where I either go very quiet.. suddenly leave.. or act strange in a way of "self-loathing".
I AM well over the age of 18... don't act or feel my age though! Haha

I'm an artist~
I love to draw, create characters, write stories and create worlds. My art is mostly furry/anthro based and fantasy.. such as mythical creatures and monsters. when it come to the furry art, I'm primarily a SFW artist. Not keen on doing NSFW art as I don't want to be know for such. Most, if not all, of my art is completely digital. Created via an art program and art tablet. So, you'll likely see some of my work as time goes on.
I do stream my art from time to time as well.

Lets see...
MMOs I've played
My first was RuneScape - Play every so often still.
Furcadia (Somewhat of an MMO) - No longer
Grand Fantasia - No longer
Aura Kingdom - No longer
Twin Saga - Was a supporter, played for a very short time.
FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - Actively play!
and of course TESO

Character Related
I have quite the menagerie of characters!
I'm always creating new designs that become new characters, or revamping old ones.
Characters range between males and females, various sexualities (Mostly either straight, gay or bi), and various races. Such as: Humans/Human-like, mythical, monsters, aliens and even androids. The characters I have listed on here, mostly Shiravi, ARE lore friendly and well balanced. But, I do have ones outside lore if anyone would be interested in RPing with them as well. ^_^

Then there's Demothsis. You will see me on TESO as Demothsis more often then my other toons. He is my main, but I do not RP him in-game. Mostly due to the fact that he's not very lore friendly at all! He can be.. but I just prefer not to. Dem is my main OC outside of everything game wise, and the mascot for my art studio... so I use his name pretty much everywhere I go for gaming. Demothsis is my "lets 100% the game" character. He is literally my brain child of a dragon.

Types of RP
Stories, character development, D&D style, combat and lore making!
I do NOT partake in ERP.. budding romance between characters is fine...but anything that would involve things such as ERP and straight up romance are out. Its a matter of respect towards my significant other. So.. I apologize ahead of time for that.