Ra'shad Mi'akkien Character Sheet

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Character Name: Ra'shad
Race: Khajiit
Age: In his 30s, he believes
Sex: Male
Affliction: None
Physical Description: Nearly identical to Da'shar, his build is on the smaller side. He's stuck with the orange and while fur, decorated with black stripes to finish up his pattern. He prefers to wear darker colors and carries at least one mace with him. He's working on getting into a better fighting form than before.

Background: Ra'shad isn't as sure of his background, other than his knowledge of Morrowind. He claims to be a slave from House Dres, yet doesn't show any scarring from it. To most he speaks to, he will say that he is related to Da'shar for the sake of getting less questions.

This Khajiit is open for any sort of work. He helps with treasure seeking to daedra hunting. Puzzles and riddles confuse him. He's not fond of them.
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