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Character Name: Shiravi
Nickname(s): Shishi
Race: Khajiit
> Moon Phase: Masser Waxing Phase / Secunda Full - Cathay
Age: 28
Sex: Female
Affliction(s): None
Marital Status: Single & Not Interested
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Physical Appearance

Body Type: Average build. Curvy and mild tone
> Height: 5'2"
> Weight: 145lbs
Physical Details: Shiravi is but a simple Khajiit
> Hair: Caramel Blond. Usually kept down with a small braid in the back. Pulls hair back when hunting/gathering.
> Eyes: Golden
> Fur Pattern: Mountain Lion like
Physical Markings: Deep scars over left eye (wears eye patch most of the time). Various puncture scars on abdominal area and right thigh. Burn scar on right hip.
Physical Drawbacks: Blind in left eye, which has caused a loss in depth perception. Has constant dull pain in right leg and walks with a slight limp.

Personality: Shiravi is a very "keep to ones self" type of Khajiit. Quiet and observant of all around her.. often being taken as shy. She can be social when the need calls for it, but typically comes off as uninterested in what anyone around her has to offer. Unless of course you bring up topics concerning her work. Shiravi also has a very dry, and sometimes dark, humor. Shiravi also has her fair share of dark secrets and tends to be very cautious around everyone.. regardless of how well she knows someone.
All this changes when she's had a few drinks. Shiravi is a complete polar opposite when drunk. Mind your pockets!

> Activities: Drawing/Sketching, reading, her alchemical studies/work, gathering alchemy materials, solitude, traveling, drinking
> Food & Drink: Any foods with fish/seafood, Cyrodiilic Brandy, Stros M'Kai Rum, Meads
> Places: Stros M'Kai, All of the Summerset Isles, The Gold Coast (Specifically Kvatch), Riften (Good sales)
> Activities: Festivals (large crowds), Hunting (Used to enjoy, but partial loss of vision changed that), drinking
> Food & Drink: Skooma, Sujamma, dry or bitter wines
> Places: Swampy regions such as Vvardenfell and Morrowind.
Strengths: Alchemy. Potions and poultice pastes for healing. Poisons for the various "buyers" for means she doesn't ask.
> Artistic hands. When out gathering materials, Shiravi will sometimes stop and sketch things she sees.
Weaknesses: Archery. Used to be a good shot, however after being rendered partially blind, she has trouble with aim.

Background: - In Short
Shiravi was born on a merchant ship between J'aksa Zakar and S'asha when they were fleeing back to Elsweyr after a bad deal brought on by S'asha. As Shiravi was growing up, she was conflicted with her upbringing. Her mother wanted her to be a thief and a killer. Teaching her how to pick pockets,and break and entering. At a young age, Shiravi was quite the skilled little thief. However, her father hated it.. so he was trying to teach her the ways of alchemy as well. The conflict started when J'aksa started partaking in skooma due to all the stress from S'asha and ended when he died due to the complications of skooma and a bad batch. After the death of her father, Shiravi left to travel, giving up her life of thievery to master alchemy in honor of her father.

Shiravi's skill in alchemy landed her a fell spots as a healer, but the money was slow. To help bring in more coin, she took to also brewing skooma.. never partaking, but selling. She travels between various cities to sell her wares of healing potions and salves, while also dealing skooma under the table. She's only ever been arrested once in Hew's Bane.
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