Bjorn "Dragometh" Forgefire

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Full Name:
Björn “Dragometh” Forgefire
Nicknames (if any):
"The Dragon’s Cometh”, “Captain”, “Drago"
Nord - Imperial
Marital Status:
Sexual Orientation:
Place of Birth:
Whiterun, Skyrim
Current Residence:


Member or Interested in Factions:
Interested in other mercenary groups or companies offering contracts


Distinguishing Features:
Large burn mark from the side of the face down to the torso
Green irises
Voice/Speaking Style:
Deep, raspy Imperial accent. Despite being raised in a Nord household and a Nord army veteran, Dragometh has adopted his mother's accent during his childhood, and had never changed since.
Fashion of Choice:
Brass, steel mask over a black, chainmail hood
Armor of Choice:
Heavy armour
Weapon of Choice
Swords and blades of any kind. Has been trained to use shields as well.


In the Second Era of the Year 556, on a chilly Thurdas dawn in Morning Star under the constellation of the Ritual, Björn Forgefire was born. He was the only child of a Nord blacksmith and an Imperial merchant. The Nord blacksmith was stern and protective, while the Imperial mother was kind and loving. Björn throughout his childhood would know that his father worked the forges day and night in his youth, while his mother, gifted with the talent for fire magic, gave up her dreams of studying in the Mages Colleges in the Imperial City in order to run her family’s business. Björn remembered in his childhood how both his parents, in their 40s but still deeply in love, recalled of his mother running away from the City on horseback with his father, as the both of them rode back to Whiterun in a single night. Björn was brought up in the same values all middle class Whiterun families firmly believed in - hardworking, honesty and generosity, and learnt those values well. His father, wanting Björn to grow up becoming a blacksmith, taught him what he needed to know as the boy helped his father at the forge at day, while his mother sat him by the fire place by night and with her deft hands, conjured up minuscule figures of flames as she told him stories of great battles and legends throughout the history of Tamriel. That was his childhood.

At the age of 12, Björn's father told him that he could no longer teach him, as he had injured his arm in a skirmish against bandits while he escorted a shipment of ingots. In the year 568, Björn found himself under the apprenticeship of one of the best known blacksmiths in Skyrim. The grey-bearded man was stern like his father, but at the same time generous and warm-hearted like his mother. The boy took some time adjusting to his new apprenticeship, being away from his parents for the first time and living under the wing of someone else, but he adapted well to his new environment. The blacksmith master took Björn around different parts of Tamriel, learning diverse styles of craftsmanship as well as swordsmanship, and Björn managed to learn those over time, exposed and being adept at smithing different cultures of blades and their respective combat styles. During this time of relative peace, adventure and growth, Björn had come to seeing his master almost like a second father.

Peace would never last long however. In the Second Era of the Year 572, word spread out of the large invading force from Akavir came assaulting the great hold of Windhelm in Eastmarch. The tragic death of the Nordic rules Mabjaarn and Nurnhilde called for mourning throughout all of Skyrim as well as war against the Akavir. Björn, at the young age of 16, and his master, were immediately drafted into the Nordic forces as soon as they returned to Skyrim and both craftsmen were sent to the borders of The Rift to aid in the fortification of the province under the command of a certain Skald-Prince. Despite supporting as blacksmiths, the shortage of forces around The Rift during this time had the commanding officers place them both as infantrymen. One night, the war horns sounded as the camps were sleeping. The contingent awoke, only to see an incoming fleet of the Akaviri snow demons approaching the Southern border of The Rift. A token force, the size of a platoon, was sent to defend the shores while the rest of the contingent fortified the main city of Riften. Boats of the invading Akaviri landed on the beaches and the hulking Snow Demons began their push into Riften as Björn's platoon rushed down to face their enemy. Hails of fire missiles and flaming arrows greeted the Akaviri, covering the battlefield in ash, flame and embers, but this did not deter the hulking Snow Demons as they pushed on. Björn stayed close to his master, holding the shoreline and fighting the invaders off one by one. Their combined knowledge of the different combat styles of Tamriel gave them the upper edge in the fight. However, that was not enough as many of their conscripted comrades were cut down by the far more skilled Snow Demons of Kamal. Amidst the chaotic skirmish, Björn was hit by a flaming maul that shattered half his armour and burnt him from the chest to the left side of his face. The Nord laid injured and unconscious on the razed, bloodied ground. As the boy came to amidst the fire and embers, struggling to get up and defend his master, he watched helplessly as the Akavir thrust a blade ruthlessly through his master’s chest. Witnessing his master's bloodied corpse drop to the floor lifelessly, he was in anguish and sorrow, then a fire began to burn in him - one that could not be quenched until his enemies have fallen. The boy picked up is weapon again as he got up, his green irises now turning to a bright orange and the dull steel of his blade burning fiercely. Flames burning in his eyes, Björn charged straight at his master's killer, striking away the Akavir's sword each time he raised his blade to block and as soon as the enemy gave an opening, the boy slashed the Snow Demon from the torso down. His enemy dropped on his knees in agony as flames from the strike began to engulf him entirely. The fight not yet over, Björn ran to the battlements behind the defence line and began to load the catapult, the stones immediately burning with his touch. Filled with adrenaline and fury, Björn quickly aimed the catapult to the largest cluster of the Akaviri forces and sliced the rope, releasing the catapult and sending the molten rock flying through the dawning sky. The burning stones crushed the Akaviri soldiers and by luck, killed the commanding team of the attacking force. Without a leader, the invading forces panicked and retreated back to their main fleet anchored by the sea, while the stragglers were cut down by the Nords.

It was a major victory as the repelling of the Akaviri forces prevented a full scale invasion on Riften and consequently led to the main fleet redirecting to the shores of Morrowind. The soldiers drank mead and sang praises to Björn of the battle, nicknaming him the “Dragon’s Cometh”, for he was the one that launched the flaming catapult that killed the Akaviri commanding officer. They also shortened it to “Dragometh”, as the title proved to be a mouthful. However, the victory was bittersweet. Amidst the celebration, and Björn’s subsequent promotion to that of “Captain”, the Nord mourned for the death of his master. Wanting to never return to the battlefield, Björn volunteered to work at the forge, only to bring back painful memories of his master as he held onto the smithing hammer. It was at this moment where Björn left the forge to fight for the Nords again, not knowing where else to go. Björn Forgefire was involved in the battle of the remaining Akaviri forces against the snow demon, Ada’Soom Dir-Kamal, fighting alongside the forces of Jorunn the Skald-King himself. The battle of Red Mountain, and subsequently the last push against the Akavir in Ebonheart, though bloody, saw the victory of the forces of Tamriel and the unification of the Dark Elves, Nords, and Argonians under the banner of the Dragon, known as the Ebonheart Pact.

Björn resigned from the army right after the war ended and suffered depression and trauma from his battle in The Rift. Nightmares of the flames, ashes, bloodcurdling screams and his master’s bloodied body haunted him throughout. Björn lost all of his memory in an unknown period of time due to an unknown force, but still remembered the name “Dragometh” and lived a new identity from then on.

During this period after the Year 573 of the Second Era, Dragometh would be employed by various groups as a mercenary, taking jobs and gaining experience from both the nobility and the underworld. In the year 580 saw one of the worst catastrophes in the history of Tamriel, known as the Planemeld. Sometime in the Year 582, Dragometh was captured by a patrolling army of Xivkyn while travelling for a contract and was imprisoned in the cells of Coldharbour’s Wailing Prisons. Subject to slavery and torture, the harrowing experience in Oblivion had made Dragometh a shell of his former self. He was freed from his shackles however by a combined force of the Fighters and Mages Guild - an incursion into Molag Bal's plane to end the Planemeld. Finding himself again in the flames of war, the Nord lent his sword to the Guilds, battling the Daedric forces outside the Hollow City, aiding an effort to allow an unknown hero to face the Lord of Death and Domination. The great anchor looming above the White Gold Tower shattered and Molag Bal was defeated in the end. With that, the Planemeld had ended and in the beginning of the Year 584, Dragometh had reemerged in Tamriel.

Arriving in a completely different landscape, with all his allies, connections, and companions gone, and enemies from his elusive past hunting him again, Dragometh seeks to rebuild and survive.


Lawful to True Neutral.
Mostly silent and weary.
A contract to get him money
Starving to death
Atheism. Dragometh has grown to follow his own code and values.
Positive Personality Traits:
Professionalism - Dragometh’s sense of professionalism helps him stay focused on a mission and allows him to finish it efficiently. His professionalism ensures that he finishes a contract and stays loyal to his employer as long as that contract still remains relevant.

Generosity - In some occasions, Dragometh understands a person when he or she is in need and will help out that person in whatever way seems fit.

Negative Personality Traits:
Bluntness - Dragometh’s harrowing experience has left him with a rather bitter outlook on life and people. This has led to him to feel the lack of sensitivity towards people’s emotions and even tries to aggravate them.

Lack of emotion - Nevertheless, due to the amount of trauma he has experienced, Dragometh has little emotion, other than anger and annoyance. This also extends out to his view of death, and also desensitises him when he kills someone.

Misc. Quirks:
Cold climates, women, money
Xivkyn, Daedra, Religious Fanatics and cults
Favorite Foods:
No preference
Favorite Drinks:
Mead or ale.
Favorite Colors:
Black, silver, gold.
Fishing, Drinking, Flirting
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Moon Sugar:
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The character sheet is great, but I'm just pointing out a few inconsistencies in the backstory related to lore!

While it's not very important, Bjorn would be an imperial by race, as that was his mother, but would possibly have significant traits from his father, but as both are humans, it isn't a particularly large issue.

Being from Whiterun, during this particular period, he'd be from the Kingdom of Eastern Skyrim, which is separate from that of Western Skyrim, which right now only contains the Holds of Eastmarch and the Rift, so they would doubtfully be conscripted or otherwise brought into the Skyrim forces involved in the Akaviri invasion, or the Pact afterwards.

As well, Riften was never attacked by the Akaviri force, who instead simply marched past it after pillaging Windhelm into the region of Stonefalls in Morrowind.
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