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Moon Sugar:
Basic Information

Fullname: Keissi at-Hauk

Nicknames: Pup, Kissi, Sandrat, Firebug, Mutt, Mouse, and Half-blood/breed.

Race: Bosmer/Redguard (Werewolf)

Gender: Male.

Accent: Redgaurd

Height: 4'6

Age: Late teens

Hair Color and Style: Has a curly mess of red hair

Eye color: Vibrant green

Visually Distinctive Marks/Traits: Given ritualistic markings as a baby. His father's nickname tattooed on his right bicep and has a brand a on his right hand. Multiple scars on his body the bottom of his feet. Wears face-paint and has somewhat human shaped ears.

Dress Style: Training gear.

Relationship Status: Glory and Jack

Sexuality: *shrugs*

Religion: Ash'abah

Hometown: Born in Bergama was trained at Leki's blade. Family was nomadic.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Quirks: Pokes everything, mumbles, and growls a lot.

Other: Loves horses, snakes, drawing, climbing, and exploring. Hates being mistaken for a girl and studying his letters (is dyslexic). He is terrified of fire, magic, clowns, and spiders. He doesn't like to be touch by strangers.

Strongest Positive Personality Trait: He is kind and thoughtful.

Strongest Negative Personality Trait: Impulsive and doesn't know when to shut his mouth.


Parents: Elsynia - Bosmer, Bareello - Redguard, Ronno, and Lillith.

Siblings: Daelyn, Red, Ka'zuto and Ly'ria.

Grandparents: K'aviir at-Hauk, Nakela at-Hauk (deceased).

Uncle: Failon at-Hauk (deceased), Aunts: Ra'Ahnaisi (deceased), Yvon

Cousins: Mekala at-Hauk, Tohma at-Hauk, Annie, and Rex.

Bonus Gossip Questions

What is a talent your character thinks he or she has but is very wrong about: Doesn't think he has any talent

Philosophy of life: Everything has a right to grow.... Except spiders. Smash them all!

In what situation would your character become violent? If something threatens his packmates or if he's restrained.

What are your character's bad habits? Climbing not knowing when to hold his tongue and drawing on everything.

Temper: Can be hot tempered at times and has anger issues.

Enemies: Anybody who threatens his pack and mages he hates most of them.


Class: Nightblade

Weapons: Daggers, bow, and great-sword.

Tree Focus: Dual wield and Assassination.

"Speciality": Stealth

Limitations: He’ll act before thinking things through.

Above the Norm: He has always been small for his age but he uses it to his advantage and can form duel Shehai (tiny baby daggers) but cant hold them for more than a couple minutes. Has a high pain tolerance and a surprising affinity for magic but probably will never use it.

Keissi is a half Bosmer/Redguard bastard, raised by his father's family in the Alik'r. The first few years of his life were decent but after his grandmother and a few other family members were killed and partially eaten by a band of AD soldiers, at the age of eight his life turned into a nightmare. Infected from birth he was made to fight and locked away for most of his life after that at fifteen, his uncle finally had enough influence over his grandfather to free the halfmer from his torment but that wasn’t the end of his struggles. Now at eighteen, he's killed the ones who have wronged him and is free to find his calling.
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Moon Sugar:

You're missing a few things that we have as requirements for your character sheet,which you can find here:

As well, just a few things to touch on. In TES lore, individuals are one of the more predominate races, almost always that of the mother, with racial features of the father coming into play in some unique cases. If you clarify if he is a bosmer, or a redguard, that would help greatly!

Also, the Shehai is a spirit-sword formed by Sword-Singers, and even by Second-era standards is considered a lost, and dead, form of magical combat by all but the absolute rarest, and even those are only really capable of summoning a Shehai, but unable to wield it in combat. We also do not use classes or in game mechanics in our RP, as they're very restrictive on how you can play your character.
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