Hellexis Granite-Born

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Moon Sugar:
ESO @name: @karissah208
Character Name: Hellexis Granite-Born
Race: appears Nord, but Nord (mother's side)/Reachwoman (father's side)
Age: 25
Sex: F
Affliction: Lycanthropy
Marital Status: Engaged
Sexual Orientation: About a 5 on the Kinsey Scale. Relationship Anarchist in a committed partnership.

Physical Description: A tall, muscular woman, but with a bit of "extra padding" as well. Red hair, usually worn in a braided ponytail, hangs down just past her neck. Pale green eyes, and a strong square face, but softened features. Usually sporting some manner of war-paint, both on her face and body. White crooked teeth peek out when she smiles really wide. She has a number of faded lashing scars on her back from a brief period as a galley-slave, an old roughly human-sized bite scar on her right hip, and a never-quite-healed animal bite on her left shoulder.
Personality: Easygoing, open-minded, a bit of a joker. She also has a bit of a 'mama wolf' in her, she is very protective of friends and suspicious of those who seem to have hidden motives or things other than their best interests in mind.
Likes: She enjoys rustic and simple things, and would rather walk through a garden than being pampered in a palace. Enjoys a good joke, an artful boast, a frank and honest assessment, even if its unfavorable.
Dislikes: Puffery, empty assurances, necromancy. When law, tradition, or morality divides and sets people against each other instead of upholding what she can plainly see to be good and true.
Strengths: Archery, tracking, conjuration magic. Great at cooking rustic/trail food and carpentry.
Weaknesses: slow reader/writer, "a bit dense", tends to get a headache from casting restoration spells
Background: Born and raised in the bleak hills between Falkreath and Markarth holds, in what today is Reach-controlled western skyrim to her father who was a Reachman hunter, and her mother who was a Nord goatherd. A domestic tragedy left her orphaned and traveling with her herd as a nomad for a while, before a group of foreign slavers had abducted her. The ship was wrecked off the Gold Coast, and she was the sole survivor, spending the next while as a petty criminal before working her way up to being a respected sellsword. As time went on, her situation became less dire, and her saved wealth allowed her to construct a walled home on the land of her birth, and settle there with her now fiancee.
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Moon Sugar:
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Quick note, people take the race of their mother. Just pointing it out based on how you worded the race section.

Since she is a werewolf, be sure to read up on the IC town laws regarding Sups, as punishments can be very severe. Also, be sure to read up on the TES lore regarding Lycanthropy
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