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Moon Sugar:
ESO Name: @VagueKaos
Character Name: Radu Vintilla
Race: Dunmer (Dark Elf)
Age: 80 (~about mid 20s compared to Nords or Breton.)
Sex: Male
Affliction: None, for now.
Sexual Orientation: Straight, will make jokes every now and then.
Physical Description: Just a basic Dunmer with no unique flair.
Background: My parents were higher standing officials in House Redoran. They helped with choices on what is best for the House, and how to solve situations regarding affiliation and alliances. They were assassinated when I was a teenager. My village was burned and my uncle, who was visiting from Balmora, was one of the only survivors of the incident. He helped hide me and protect me from the assassins. He then took me to Balmora and raised me as his own, training me to be efficient with sword and shield, and some destruction and restoration magic. After a few years, I was recruited for the guard of Balmora and eventually transferred out of Morrowind to Cyrodil. I then found my way to Auridon to be apart of the guard there. While working for the Guard, I spoke with merchants and learned from them the art of trade, and how to haggle. I am not very sneaky, and not very efficient with staffs or daggers. I am a pretty quiet individual who speaks on when he needs to but will follow orders from those I respect most. I am lawfully good and will not do something I find morally wrong, such as attacking an unarmed person, or assassinate a political target. I am a warrior who has raised with warrior beliefs but depending on circumstances, I will break the way a little.
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Moon Sugar:
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Please speak to Kashya about joining the guard faction!

As well, characters, even elves, look old at 100. They reach middle age and just age slower than the other races.
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