Hello. Some of you may already know me, but I figured I should reintroduce myself and start fresh after leaving the guild for a few months and returning.

For those who don't, I'm @Bhidul in the guild, and I have been a guild member for quite a while in the past. I had joined BSR over four years ago when I was fairly young and getting into PC games. I am currently eighteen years old and have been going to community college for my prerequisites for their local nursing program. Because of those commitments, I don't really have much room for a job with all the courses I have to take. I live in southeastern Michigan in a partial middle-of-nowhere cattle farm setting. If you want my honest opinion about Michigan, the weather is absolutely terrible in terms of consistency. In fact, our winter starting in 2018 has honestly just been a really frozen, muddy spring. On the other hand, we have the Great Lakes, which is something that I enjoy a lot about my state.

I have a handful of hobbies to keep myself busy. Obviously, I play video games on both console and PC, the Elder Scrolls being my favorite series. Because I live in a kind-of isolated place, I like to work on motorcycles, dirt bikes, and offroad toys on my freetime. I currently have a motorcycle that I absolutely LOVE driving when it doesn't feel like zero degrees outside. I own a straight-piped '95 Honda VT600 bobber that I take more care of than my actual commuting truck. I also am a self-learning guitarist and bass guitarist. I have been trying to teach myself guitar for about two years now. It's not as easy as I thought, but I still enjoy learning from it. Speaking of music, I am also a big rock and metal fan. A few of my favorites being Metallica, Tool, Pearl Jam, and Royal Blood. A final thing I somewhat call a hobby is running. I've ran cross country throughout high school and captained my team in the end. I'm not going to lie, it sucks and I am not some major athlete, but it keeps me from being a couch potato.

I've roleplayed for a while now, mainly on Elder Scrolls Online though. I don't really have a definite reason why I rp, but it is mainly because I like both writing and the Elder Scrolls franchise. Not to mention, you get a better dialogue and get some satisfaction interacting with people who enjoy the game as much as you do. I'm also into the actual game content itself (mostly with tank builds). The reason I came back to the guild was because I didn't feel like I was getting as much fun out of the game grinding all my time away. That being said, I am open to game content too, even if it's engame, so don't hesitate to ask if you need a groupmate!

I look forward to catching up with some old friends here in the guild, and meeting some new ones while I'm here.